Sunday, October 23, 2011


Big test on Wednesday! I attended a 3 hour study session this morning, and then studied for another three hours this afternoon. Whew!

We went and saw Dracula by the Sac Ballet last night! It was fabulous, definitely something worth seeing again.

We are re-watching Burn Notice. I lurve Michael Westen!


Clair said...

Hey katie im boredd plus tell nick thanks for letting me borrow his jersey plus WHEN WILL U GUYS COME OVER I MISS U please tell me when you are coming over as soon as u can! Miss you

Clair said...

Omg i miss u i wish u came over when nick came AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN I GOT A TON OF CANDY i hide it some were -_~ fine it in a suitcase it was the only place to put it EEEEkkkkkkk i won the best group costume me and my best friend entered we were the bugs she was a lady bug i was the bee i wanted a stinger butttttt nooooo i cant sit with a stinger ^_- miss u pleaseeeeee write back QUICKLY!!!!!!

Katie said...

You silly bee, I think you are bored way too much! Tell you what, how about you start doing some of my homework! Then you will never be bored! You might be confused instead. :) Halloween sounds awesome! I heard you went through a Haunted House! Was it scary? Congrats on winning the contest! That was nice of your friends to enter you in it! I'm sorry I haven't written you back for a while, I have had waaaaay too much homework to do! Well, I will talk to you soon! Miss you too chicadee!

Clair said...

Hey and heck no the haunted house was not scary in thd hauted house a girl stared at me and banged her sword really close to my hand ekkkkk 0,0 grrrr now i have to write a essay about Musturd and the explorer Prince Henry LAME!!!!